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One of my greatest joys in the discovery of new artists is finding them long before they blossom into super stardom or when they’re already on the radar of most label folks. When they hail from New York, that’s an added bonus. 14 year old ARRA has already got some incredible music in her catalog, […]

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Admittedly, most of the artists we review are bands. For this reason, I’m all the more excited about featuring Seattle production duo, ODESZA. Each of their tracks packed with its own infectious vibe, “Say My Name” is the crown jewel of their material. The song toes the line between a electronic dance music and standard […]

10671320_761508800608321_5916880076008163831_n January 05

Fight The Fade

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma is Rock quartet, Fight The Fade. Led vocally by the captivating Zene Smith, the group is battle tested, with years of experience touring the country. Preparing to embark on their early 2015 east coast tour, the group is promoting their 2014 release, Second Horizon. Tracks like “Rise” show a versatility of […]

10394462_779305452142065_8450968700862170327_n December 29

Rolling Stone

Those who know me are well aware I’m no stranger to the morose and melancholy melody. There’s something that’s always resonated more deeply with songs of sorrow, whether it’s the honesty inherent or the quality the voice takes on when it pairs with a minor key. Sara Phillips, the singer-songwriter from NYC via Canada, has […]

10419546_1056864377663665_2688378880349508742_n December 13


When scouring through submissions and scores of new artists, you inevitably come across some that you’re hoping to like. Phosphene is one of those groups. Combining a great image (seriously; have you seen the girl’s hair?), impressive fan metrics, and a polished production, there’s a ton going for the group. While the group’s songs aren’t […]

b33439_2ebac30a99ae4d52a8ad126ccecd825a.png_srz_p_379_130_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz November 30

Angelica JONI

When a song works, it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Whether Dance music is ‘your thing’ or not, “Weightless”, the new track from Angelica JONI, is worth a listen. Very hook driven and upbeat, the track leaves enough space for Angelica’s vocals to shine through. With a seemingly different image and sound from some […]

10344217_249350898589682_6130348404672748805_o November 16


Relax; despite the artist name, this post is pretty safe for the workplace (SFW). Brooklyn has always been a breeding ground for Hip-Hop, and time hasn’t slowed that notion. Next up in that line could be Brooklyn Rapper, Junglepussy. With a relaxed flow all her own, and a devil-may-care attitude (as if the name weren’t […]


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