10959390_644474755675042_6737209809495804724_n April 25

Gone Quite Mad

We had the opportunity to go in the studio with Brooklyn Alternative Rock band, Gone Quite Mad to record and film live renditions of some of their new tunes, along with a few covers. In addition to their unique flow, the vocalist added a level of intrigue. Not only the tambre and delivery, but the […]

1976990_691293830979068_8128514155521837865_n March 15

Prinze George

  Detractors of Electronic music often site a lack of heart as their reason for dislike. Electronic Indie Rock group, Prinze George prove this theory inaccurate. Currently residing in Brooklyn, and originating in Maryland, the group has polished themselves into a potential Pop crossover in their years together. Incredible production, which includes the mixing skills […]

10291057_10152433309366322_1415990335001252834_n March 02


  In an age where the music video has become almost more necessity than art form and many artists follow formulaic plots and structures to get through their videos, it’s refreshing when an artist does something creative or at least thought provoking or painstaking. When that video is set to compelling music, all the better. […]

10403339_10152795867535781_3552857011963426186_n February 28


  Up next on our analysis of the New Music Seminar Top 100 is Brooklyn Rapper, Siya. Combining catchy beats, a great flow, and a charming tambre to her vocal, there’s a lot to like here. The lyrical content isn’t genre bending, but Rap music has certainly done far worse in recent years in this […]

71510_757697920926623_426031128_n February 27

Belmont Lights

  San Diego Pop/Rock outfit, Belmont Lights is a band built for radio success. Tracks like “Come For Me”, while not genre altering, are incredibly difficult to get out of your head. Currently touring regionally, the group’s national profile doesn’t currently match the high quality of their music. We think this will be a big […]

1380058_307328049457476_8734134686961610476_n February 26


We’ll take this opportunity to spotlight some of the artists from this year’s New Music Seminar Top 100 Artists on The Verge. New York Pop songstress, VÉRITÉ, is on the verge of exploding. Represented by the Windish Agency, and performing huge shows like Firefly and SXSW, it won’t be long before she becomes a household […]

nms15_aovclassof February 24

Top 100 Artists on The Verge

Each year, The New Music Seminar, a music industry conference and festival held in New York, releases an annual list of their Top 100 new unsigned artists that are poised to break. This is referred to as their Artists on the Verge. This year, I had the opportunity to quarterback the A&R department at New […]


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