I Ignite

Feel good Hard Rock is something difficult to find and to pull off. Bands are typically left as one or the other. I Ignite, hailing from Long Island, has done a solid balancing act, combining elements of Pop Punk and Hard Rock, which results in aggressive guitars and an almost danceable tune. If they’re able to craft a truly memorable hook and chorus that sticks with the listener, they could become a Warped Tour staple type band. If you like what you hear, give them a listen on Facebook, Twitter, or Reverbnation.

I Ignite

[Official Bio] The buzz surrounding Long Island 5 piece punk/metal/rock band I Ignite has been loud, proud, and overwhelmingly positive! Stemming from their first performance in December 2011, people have only been asking for more of what originally began as the brainchild and creative outlet for For The Taking/A Farewell Fire guitarist Eddie Raccioppi; the music that first began appearing on his personal Facebook music page has now exploded into a full band live show experience.

After years of paying dues as a stellar ax-man and astute songwriter in clubs and bars all over Long Island and New York City with his former bands, Eddie has laid down his guitar and traded up for a microphone, assembling some of the best musicians on Long Island who have come to truly believe in the new music and round out the project that’s really turning some heads. The members of I Ignite are comprised of veteran members from some of the Island’s best local acts under and ON the radar including: For The Taking, Aprils End, Blameshift, The New Black, and The Apparition.

“I Ignite is about life and lessons learned”, says vocalist Eddie Raccioppi who wrote and recorded the bands 8 song CD on his own. His most recent songs, “Without You” and “Falling”, are already on heavy east coast terrestrial and local Internet radio station rotation. 2012 looks to be a very promising year for I Ignite with new music, photo shoots, and a music video lined up for the band before the start of the summer months. I Ignite bring to the table a refreshing level of energy, heart, and excitement that some bands lack in today’s commercial music industry. It shows in their music, and how they play it as they continue to take the stage and continually “wow” audiences every time.

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